List of Injured

12 02 2013

Serious injuries:

  1. Mehrdad Bazazian –
  2. Hamid Rabi –
  3. Barat Rabi’i –
  4. Abdollah Moghani –
  5. Morteza Hashemi –
  6. Mohammad Baghayi –
  7. Valid Motaveri –
  8. Issa Akbarzadeh –
  9. Mansour Hadad –
  10. Embrahim Kamari –

Other 56 injured:

  1. Ramin Ehsani –
  2. Taher Ahmad Khan Bigi –
  3. Mohammad Akhavan Hashemi –
  4. Hassan Ashrafian –
  5. Mohammad Ali Barayi –
  6. Hamid Bahadori –
  7. Keyvan Baharestani –
  8. Mostafa Beheshti –
  9. Mohsen Torkaman –
  10. Abdul Hossein Taghva –
  11. Aboozar Javaherian –
  12. Abdullah Haeri –
  13. Khalil Ahmad Hossein Zehi –
  14. Hossein Haghgoo –
  15. Fariba Khodaparasti-
  16. Hossein Khorsand –
  17. Marzieh Davoodi –
  18. Mahmood Dehghan –
  19. Ahmad Rahbar –
  20. Abdullah Zobeyd –
  21. Mashallah Saeedi –
  22. Saeed Soleymani –
  23. Abdullah Sheykhi –
  24. Hamid Shirband –
  25. Javad Sedighi –
  26. Kazem Samadi –
  27. Issas Taherkhani –
  28. Mojtaba Tayefeh Hosseinloo –
  29. Mohammad Azizi –
  30. Seyed Hadi Alavian –
  31. Ahmad Forooghi –
  32. Ismail Ghassemi –
  33. Hossein Gholi Nekooyi –
  34. Abolfazl Ghanadi –
  35. Mousa Ghanbari –
  36. Ali Ashraf Karimi –
  37. Nader Kashmiri –
  38. Majid Mohadessin –
  39. Mohammad Mohseni –
  40. Ahmad Mohkami –
  41. Mohammad Ghassem Motiyi –
  42. Hamid Maki –
  43. Massoumeh Malek Mohammadi –
  44. Asgar Momenzadeh –
  45. Farid Mahdavieh –
  46. Yadollah Mahdian –
  47. Majid Nabavi –
  48. Hossein Najmi –
  49. Gholam Ali Narimi –
  50. Mohammad Mehdi Nazifi –
  51. Reza Vojdani –
  52. Ahmad Vafayi –
  53. Ghader Veysi –
  54. Seyed Morteza Hashemi –
  55. Vali Yekta Parast –
  56. Kamran Yussefi –

Urgent: Camp Liberty Attack- six residents killed- 100 wounded

9 02 2013

Action Items 

Call Iraqi Embassy in the United States (202) 483-7500

Call the US State Department  Phone: 202-647-5002

Publicize this news and appeal for humanitarian assistance & intervention


Amnesty International -Iraq must urgently investigate attack against Iranian exile camp

Authorities in Iraq must urgently investigate the attack against a camp of Iranian exiles that left several people dead and injured and ensure all those wounded receive appropriate medical care, said Amnesty International today.

The investigation should also look into the conduct of Iraqi security forces in the lead up and during the attack and whether they have failed to prevent any such attack.

Several people reportedly died and have been injured as a result of the attack against Camp Liberty, home of some 3,000 Iranians in exile in Iraq, on 9 February.

“The attack against Camp Liberty is a despicable crime,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme’s Deputy Director.

“Authorities in Iraq must ensure not only that those responsible for this attack are brought to justice but that those living in the camp are protected.”

The residents of Camp Liberty, members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran which opposes the Iranian government, were recently relocated to a site in north-east Baghdad – after having been settled for 25 years in Camp Ashraf.

Residents claimed the Iraqi forces attacked some of them during the relocation process in 2012.

Today the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ Chief, Antonio Guterres, stressed that the residents of Camp Liberty are asylum seekers undergoing refugee status determination process and as such are entitled to international protection.

In April 2011, Iraqi troops stormed camp Ashraf using grossly excessive force, including live ammunition, against residents who tried to resist them. Some 36 people ­– 28 men and eight women – were killed and more than 300 wounded. Those injured were prevented from leaving the camp to obtain medical treatment.


Several killed in mortar attacks at Iran exile camp in Iraq

UNHCR Chief Guterres strongly condemns deadly attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq

Sat, 9 Feb 2013 12:41 GMT

Source: Content Partner // UNHCR

UNHCR Chief Guterres strongly condemns deadly attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq

9 February 2013 – The High Commissioner for Refugees, Ant�nio Guterres expresses his shock about this morning’s mortar attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq that reportedly killed six and wounded dozens.

“I strongly condemn this attack,” Mr. Guterres said, noting that the residents of Camp Liberty are asylum seekers undergoing the refugee status determination process and thus entitled to international protection. “This is a despicable act of violence.”

“I call on the Iraqi Government to do everything it can to guarantee security to the residents,” he said. “The perpetrators must be found and brought to justice without delay,” he said.

The High Commissioner also calls on all countries to help find urgent solutions for the Camp Liberty residents.

Mr. Guterres expresses his deep condolences to the families of the victims.

Camp Liberty Attack with Katyusha Rockets, six residents killed and more than 50 wounded

At 5:45 am Saturday Morning, more than three dozen Katyusha rockets and mortars hit Camp Liberty, where 3,200 residents of Ashraf have been relocated to.

So far, six residents, Mehdi Abed, Mostafa Khosravi, Akbar Azizi, Yaha Nazari, Ms. Pouran Najafi, and another resident have been killed and more than 50 wounded.

The residents were asleep and the wounded suffered serious face and head injuries.

The clinic at Liberty has also been hit and is dysfunctional. There are no ambulances at Liberty and the residents have tried to take the wounded to hospitals in Baghdad, but the Prime Ministry’s office is preventing the residents them from doing that in the few cars they had brought from Ashraf to Liberty.

The camp has no protection and its area is about 80 times smaller than Camp Ashraf. There is urgent need for the critically injured residents to be saved.

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Camp Liberty came under missile and mortar attack at 5:45 AM local time. As of now, five residents including a woman have been slain and more than 50 were wounded. Some of the wounded are in serious condition and the number of slain might increase. There no assistance and ambulance to move the wounded. The power generator of the Iraqi clinic at Liberty was hit and as a result the clinic lacks electricity and has become useless.

It is more than one year that 3100 residents of Ashraf were forcibly moved by the Iraqi Government  to this camp that is only half a square kilometers and is less than 80 times smaller than Ashraf. There is no shelter and protection at this camp and the residents are in trailers that are crammed next to each other.

The residents, their representatives and lawyers yesterday and the day before warned about another massacre by the Iranian regime and Iraqi forces and similar to several times in the past urged the UN secretary General and the US authorities for return to Ashraf that has buildings made from cement and contains protection shelters .

Further reports would be provided as they would become available.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

February 9, 2013


قابل توجه خواهران و برادران

امروز شنبه 9 فوريه ساعت 5 بامداد به وقت عراق رژيم ددمنش آخوندي دست به يك تهاجم موشكي و خمپاره اي به ليبرتي دست زد كه در اين تهاجم تا كنون 6 شهيد و بيش از 50 مجروح داشتيم.

حال مجروحين وخيم است

هيچ كمك رساني و آمبولانسي براي رسيدگي به مجروحين وجود ندارد. ژنراتور برق بدليل اين تهاجم از كار افتاده است.

لطفا سريع با وزارت خارجه تماس بگيريد و خواهان اقدام عاجل بشويد كه از سفارت آمريكا در عراق به كمك مجروحين بشتابند و امكانات پزشكي در اختيار نفرات ليبرتي قرار بدهند.

با تلفن, ايميل و … بعنوان خانواده ها و اقوام اشرفي ها در ليبرتي خواستار اقدام عاجل و كمك به مجروحين بشويد

همچنين به خبرنگاران و مطبوعات هم سريع اينرا خبر بدهيد


Pictures of the wounded

EU calls for international observers to probe clashes in Camp Ashraf

12 04 2011

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on 9 April that the EU was “deeply disturbed at reports of the use of force against Camp Ashraf residents in Iraq, resulting in casualties.” Deploring the loss of life, Ashton called on the Iraqi government “to grant access to Camp Ashraf to independent international observers in order that they can provide a comprehensive picture of the situation.” (Read her statement:

According to information obtained by Reporters Without Borders, a young woman who was filming the events in Camp Ashraf, Saba Haftbaradaran, and a journalist working for the satellite TV station, Asieh Rakhshani, were killed on 8 April.

The independent international observers who are sent to Iraq to investigate the events in Camp Ashraf must shed light on the circumstances of the deaths of these two young women, along with the deaths of all the other people killed by the Iraqi army in the course of the clashes of the past few days, Reporters Without Borders said. Those responsible must be punished. Impunity must not be the rule in Iraq today.

Maliki intends to push the wounded towards gradual death

12 04 2011

Ashraf military occupation – No. 44

NCRI – Sunday night,   April 10, 32 injured residents who were admitted to the hospital in Baquba, were returned to Camp Ashraf with the least of the medical care given to them while at captivity.

The injured generally needed surgery or had a critical medical condition for which they were taken to Baquba hospital.

Abraham Mohammadian   was one of the wounded residents who should have been operated on, Saturday morning. His operation was postponed to Sunday. On Sunday morning in preparation for the operation he was given a unit of blood, but no further action was taken; later he was returned to Camp Ashraf.

Isa Akbarzadeh another one of the injured residents who was admitted to Baquba by a medical doctor, was returned to Ashraf after less than a quarter of an hour without any medical care.
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Alireza Taherlou, another Ashraf resident who was wounded on Ashraf on April 8 died. Number of dead is now 34

12 04 2011

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 41

NCRI – This morning, Monday, April 11, ALireza Taherlou, who was wounded during the raid on Ashraf on April 8 upon Maleki’s order, died in a hospital in Baghdad due to lack of medical care. The number of Ashraf residents who were slain as a result of the raid has reached 34.

Alireza Taherlou, who took part in the resistance for three decades, spent 10 years in the jails of the clerical regime and was severely tortured.

A number of Ashraf residents who were wounded during the raid have died due to lack of medical facilities in Ashraf due to  two years of blockade imposed on Ashraf or in Iraqi hospitals due to  lack of care.  The Iraqi suppressive forces that control the wounded Ashraf residents in Baghdad and Baqube hospitals create obstruction in the treatment of the patients and prevent them from receiving the minimum essential care.

The Iranian Resistance from the early hours of Friday, April 8 had warned that if the wounded would not be transferred to the hospital of the US forces near Ashraf, a number of them will die and the US would be responsible since it had signed an agreement with every Ashraf resident and had accepted the responsibility of their protection.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 2011

Ashraf cemetery occupied and destroyed

12 04 2011

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No37

Iraqi forces prevent residents from visiting the graves of loved ones.

NCRI – On the third day of their criminal attack on Ashraf, Maliki-led forces are engaged in robbing and plundering the possessions of the residents and are preventing the residents from returning to the occupied areas.


In an inhumane and un-Islamic act, the Iraqi forces have occupied and destroyed parts of the “Pearl Cemetery” belonging to Ashraf residents, preventing them from burying their dead and visiting their loved ones as they have done during the past 20 years.

Measures taken by the Iraqi forces against camp residents under the order of Maliki , ranging from entry to civilian areas using armored personnel carrier vehicles,  firing on civilian population using machine guns and cannons, killing unarmed residents, prevented medical services from reaching  the injured, occupation and destruction of cemetery, looting their property and assets, and cutting off of water pumps …. Are all examples of war crimes and are considered crimes against humanity, for which Maliki and and his accomplices should be tried and punished.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
10 April, 2011

US ‘may have broken international law’ over Iraqi attack on Iranian camp

12 04 2011
Camp Ashraf residents

Camp Ashraf residents carry an Iranian who they say was wounded in a raid by Iraqi forces. Photograph: Reuters

Iraqi forces have stormed a camp of Iranian dissidents in north-eastern Iraq amid warnings that the US government may have broken international law by failing to protect the camp.

An Iraqi general, Ali Ghaidan, confirmed that an operation took place in the early morning at Camp Ashraf, home to 3,500 Iranian exiles, all members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) militia. He said no one was killed, but representatives of the group in London said 23 people died including six women.

A hospital official in Baquba, capital of the Diyala province, reported three deaths and 13 wounded. The figures could not be confirmed as access to the camp, whose residents have “protected persons” status under the Geneva convention, is restricted.

Ghaidan said troops were responding to exiles who had been throwing stones and throwing themselves in front of soldiers’ trucks over the past several days. The group’s supporters in London, who had been warning of an attack, said Iraqi forces used metal bars, sticks and batons to beat the residents and opened fire on the camp. The supporters called for urgent UN and US intervention.
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