10 members of parliament described the antihuman attack and crackdown against residents of Ashraf as an antihuman act serving the Iranian regime

7 08 2009

8/6/2009 9:07:35 PM
A number of members of the Iraqi parliament as well as political figures assessed urgent political issues in a meeting on August 4, 2009 and coordinated their viewpoints in this regard.
The representatives, whose names are mentioned below, expressed their abhorrence over the assault and attack using Humvees and bulldozers as well as beating and shooting at the residents of Ashraf, the refugees who are the guests of the people of Iraq and enjoy the status of protected person under international conventions. They considered the crackdown as an antihuman crime, a flagrant violation of human rights, a big blow to Iraq’s prestige and values, and an insult to the parliament.
How can one claim of “State of Law” and at the same time order so brutally to attack defenseless and unarmed people, kill 12 persons, and wound over 500 others? Such savage behavior has no relevance to the people of Iraq, to the parliament, and to our social and humanitarian values. Unfortunately, it only serves an Iranian plot and does not reflect the Iraqi people’s viewpoint.
Lack of awareness of the Iraqi parliament of such an arbitrary and antihuman measure is also a violation of Political Modification Document, according to which political entities should be informed of important and sensitive decisions.
We, the members of parliament, warn against resorting to baseless excuses by responsible officials for covering up the realities or for continuation of this bloody crackdown. We also demand the formation of a parliamentarian delegation to visit Ashraf.
We also ask international organizations to immediately take care of the wounded and determine the fate of the 36 people who were forcefully transferred from Ashraf to another location. The U.S. forces who observed such scenes have a heavy responsibility before the world’s public opinion regarding the catastrophe that has occurred.
May God bless the PMOI’s martyrs who fell in this attack, and we sincerely pray for the recovery of the wounded and those beaten.
-Ali al-Sajri
-Wessam al-Bayati
– Taha al-Luhaibi
– Ezzeddin al-Dowla
– Hussein al-Fallouji
– Ahmad Radhi
-Sheikh Khalaf al-Alian
– Dr. Saleem Abdullah al-Jabouri
– Dr. Salman al-Jumaili
– Dr. Dhafir al-Aani



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