Aerial security of Camp Ashraf violated by Iraqi armed helicopters

7 08 2009

NCRI – At 9:45 local time this morning, two Iraqi helicopters armed with heavy machine guns flew at low altitude over Camp Ashraf in a bid to intimidate the residents and patrol the area. The helicopters also dropped propaganda flyers. In light of last weeks’ massacre of defenseless residents of Ashraf by Iraqi suppressive forces and the US forces’ inaction in this respect, and in view of the US forces’ role in Iraq’s aerial control, particularly in Diyala province;


1- The Iranian Resistance expresses its strongest protest to the American forces for allowing Iraqi helicopters to fly over Ashraf and demands aerial security guarantees from the US forces for Ashraf and prevention of a war crime by violation of Ashraf air space. Considering widespread influence of the terrorist Qods force in Iraq, which has been emphasized by US commanders in Iraq on a number of occasions, and with regards to Iranian regime’s plots to annihilate the residents of Ashraf, opening of Ashraf air space to such flights would no doubt be misused by the Iranian regime to commit further crimes.

2- According to our information, the clerical regime’s ambassador to Baghdad, Revolutionary Guard Kazemi Qomi who is one of the commanders of terrorist Qods force, had provided the content of the propaganda flyers to the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister on Tuesday, August 4, to be dropped on Ashraf.

3- There is no doubt that all these measures have been dictated by the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to the government of Iraq in the midst of Iranian people’s escalating uprising. Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister, has now turned into a tool in the hands of the Iranian regime to be used against mullahs’ main opposition.

Ashraf’s defenseless residents who stood empty handed against barrage of bullets in one of the most barbaric criminal attacks last week by the Iraqi forces do not give any credit to Khamenei and Maliki aerial shows, thus they tore up the documents produced by Khamenei’s Revolutionary Guards in Qom and Baghdad before the eyes of Iraqi forces and set fire to them.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 6, 2009




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