100 Iraqi figures demand U.S. intervention for Camp Ashraf

10 08 2009

Monday, 10 August 2009

A screen grab taken from a video showing Iraqi armoured vehicles drive into crowds inside Camp Ashraf, zig-zagging from side to side and running several people down on July 28, 2009.NCRI – 100 Iraqi figures, including tribal leaders, university professors, and political party official, have written an urgent letter to Christopher Hill, the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, calling for his “immediate intervene to end the horrendous crimes being committed in Ashraf,”  home to some 3400 members of Iranian opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Orgnization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

In the letter, the personalities, have said: “The regrettable scenes of murder and harassment of Ashraf residents by police forces, which occurs in conjunction with the scenes of suppression of the Iranian people inside their country, has shocked the Iraqi people.

“It is now evident for everyone that all those who showed no mercy to Iraqis by exporting terrorism and explosives to their country are currently treating their own people in Iran violently and also exert such pressures for the suppression of dissidents in Ashraf.

“In recent days, in accordance with the orders of authorities, the Army and police forces of Iraq left a dark stain and committed crime against humanity, which has brought shame for every Iraqi citizen.

“The unjust siege and suppression of Ashraf were the demands of the Iranian regime from the very beginning. That regime had exerted pressure on the Iraqi government to do its bidding. Such suppression is a prelude for the future suppression of the Iranian people and has no other goal but to silence all voices of opposition and dissent. However, this task was sadly carried out in the name of our country and our government.

“There is no doubt that the pressures and duress against Ashraf are completely against international humanitarian laws and conventions and violate the customs and ethics of Islam while discrediting the image of Iraq in the international arena.

“According to official statements from the American government, the US transferred the case (of Ashraf) in accordance with international law to the Iraqi government upon receiving recognized and clear assurances. The US itself took on a monitoring role to ensure respect for those assurances.

“However, as the crimes committed in recent days demonstrated that these commitments were not only violated but instead a humanitarian catastrophe against the residents of Ashraf took place.

“It is clear that the Iranian regime is taking revenge for the Iranian people’s uprising inside its own borders from the residents of Ashraf. We ask you, as the U.S. government’s representative, to immediately intervene to end the horrendous crimes being committed in Ashraf, remove those responsible for the killing of Ashraf residents and take responsibility for this case.”



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