Iranian dissidents in Iraq deserve our protection

10 08 2009

By: Warren Murphy
Source:, August 7, 2009
While in Iraq with the Indiana National Guard’s 76th Brigade, one of the safest areas for us to travel was Ashraf. This is the home of many Iranian dissidents who opposed Ayatollah Khomeini’s takeover in 1979.

I am disturbed to hear that the Iraqi government has raided the village of Ashraf, reportedly killing 12 and wounding 500. There is no legitimate security reason for this act. As recently as last November, I was privy to information that there was no significant security threat from the people in Ashraf.

I also went on several missions to Ashraf and found the people there cooperative and friendly toward us. We should be helping these folks in every way necessary. Repayment for the help they have given us is the least of the reasons to do so. Rescuing them from oppression under the Iraqi government or certain execution if repatriated to Iran is the only action that has a shade of right, and it is easily within our ability to do so.
Warren Murphy



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