Journalists detained for trying to cover army operations in Camp Ashraf

10 08 2009

Reporters Without Borders reiterates its condemnation of the government’s refusal to let journalists cover its operations in a camp northeast of Baghdad that houses Iranian dissidents. Eight Iraqi journalists working for local and international media were denied entry to Camp Ashraf on 1 August and, the following day, several journalists were detained for four hours and their equipment was temporarily confiscated.

At no time since the start of the Iraqi army’s operations in the camp on 28 July have journalists been allowed into the area to film its operations or to interview families and victims.

“It is clear the Iraqi authorities are ensuring that no reports or images emerge from Camp Ashraf but, in so doing, they are showing they have something to hide,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This situation is unacceptable. The army must allow journalists to do their job in the camp, so that the world can know what is happening there.”



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