The List of Ashraf residents taken hostage by Iraqi forcesShare

11 08 2009

The state of wounded members of the PMOI who were abducted by Iraqi forces in their attack on Camp Ashraf on July 28 is critical. Among the 36 who were taken hostage some have critical injuries. They have been on hunger strike for the past ten days.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the US Government, the UN Secretary General and High Commissioner for Human Rights, Amnesty International and other international human rights organizations to take urgent measures to facilitate the transfer of the wounded who are currently on hunger strike to Balad Hospital of the American forces. It also calls for the release of all hostages and their return to Camp Ashraf. The hostages held by Iraqi forces are all protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

1. Gholamreza Mohamadzadeh
2. Abbas Mohammadi
3. Mohammad Reza Hoshmand
4. Rahman Haydari
5. Habib Ghorab (is suffering from stomach bleeding and pain)
6. Mostafa Sanaie
7. Ezat Latifi
8. Hassan Besharati
9. Manouchehr Majidi
10. Omid Ghadermazi
11. Mohsen Shojaee
12. Gholam-Reza Khorrami
13. Ebrahim Malaipol
14. Jalil Forghany
15. Ahmad Tajgardan
16. Moshfegh Kongi
17. Asad Shahbazi
18. Mir Rahim Ghorayshy Danalo
19. Karim Mohammadi
20. Seyyed Hossein Ahmadi Djehon Abadi
21. Ali Tolammy Moghaddam
22. Hossein Farsy
23. Hossein Sarveazad
24. Mehdi Abdorrahimi
25. Mehdi Zare
26. Hamid Ashtari
27. Mehrban Balaee (both legs were shot and broken by the Iraqi forces have gone numb and he cannot walk)
28. Javad Gougerdi
29. Ebrahim Komarizadeh (whose arm was broken is going through severe pain)
30. Jamshid Kargarfar
31. Iraj Ahmadi Jihonabadi
32. Mohammad Reza Ghasemzadeh
33. Mohammad Ali Tatai
34. Homaun Dayhim
35. Azizollah Gholamizadeh
36. Sohrab Baluchi (was run over by Iraqi military vehicle ‘Humvee’ and is suffering intolerable pains)

Ashraf City before destruction by the Iraqi forces

Ashraf City before destruction by the Iraqi forces



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