Iraqi MPs call for formation of delegation to visit Camp Ashraf

13 08 2009

NCRI – A number of members from the Iraqi Parliament and some Iraqi political figures discussed significant political matters and shared their insights at a joint session on August 4, 2009.

The Iraqi MPs expressed outrage over the attack against Ashraf with Humvee vehicles and bulldozers and firing of bullets against its residents, refugees who are guests of the Iraqi people and enjoy protected persons status under the Geneva conventions. They described the suppression as an inhumane crime, a clear violation of human rights, a great blow to the prestige and values of Iraq and an insult to Parliament.

The parliamentarians added: “How can someone rely on claims about ‘rule of law’ and at the same time order a violent attack against unarmed and defenseless people, killing 9 of them and injuring more than 500? Such violent actions have no association with the Iraqi people, parliamentarians, and our social and humanitarian values.

“We, Iraqi parliamentarians, warn against the responsible officials’ use of unfounded pretexts to cover up the realities in order to continue the bloody suppression. We also demand the formation of a parliamentary delegation to visit Ashraf.

“We call on international organizations to provide care to those wounded without delay and find out more about the fate of 36 people who were forcibly transferred to another location from Ashraf.”



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