God Believers urge Obama to save 3400 members of PMOI in Iraq

14 08 2009

MIL/God Believers, Aug 8, 2009. Author:

New Delhi, India: August 8, 2009 – Swamy (Dr) Raj Baldev. Cosmo Theorist, Chairman God Believers, World Peace Mission Body, Formerly NIA, has urged US President Barack Obama through an e mail  to save innocent lives of  3400 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the democratic opposition to the Iranian regime, who are under an outrageous attack and siege imposed on them by the Iraqi security forces.

The contents of the e mail sent to President Obama:

Dear President,

The undersigned is the chairman of a World Peace Mission Body Known as God Believers formerly known as National Integration Assembly (NIA) which served the humanity in the area of world peace and humanitarian causes for over four decades and had the privilege of being invited and granted audience by different heads of Stats including United Nations. The undersigned also got the privilege of contributing in getting Iran Iraq war ended, it was my humble contribution.

My Organization and myself are deeply disturbed by the news that around 3400 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the democratic opposition to the Iranian regime are under an outrageous attack and siege imposed on them by the Iraqi security forces. Iraqi police and Army both are attacking defenseless, unarmed and peaceful residents of Ashraf . So far, 12 people are killed by gun shots, 385 injured and scores of the residents are taken hostage by the Iraqi forces. How unfortunate that the innocent people are suffering while you are the president of United States on whom the people all over the world pin high hopes to get relief.

At the best of the Iranian regime, Iraqi police and at a time that the free communities throughout the world is supporting the people and peaceful forces in Iran against unabated suppression by the security forces, in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

Since January 1, 2009, when the U.S. forces have transferred the protection and control of Camp Ashraf to the Iraqi forces, an intensifying blockade has been enforced on Ashraf to include entry of food items against the international law. By such pressures, the Iraqi government intends to push the residents to submit to the forced displacement demanded by the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khameneie. The measures to pressure Ashraf are the other side of the coin of suppression and killing of the people who have raised their voice to achieve freedom in Iran.

By considering that the Iraqi government under pressures from Iranian regime has demonstrated it has no competence to protect Ashraf residents and is leading the situation to an international catastrophe, we ask U.S. to abide the international law and resume protection of Camp Ashraf.

We also demand you to ask the Iraqi government, based on the European Parliament resolution of 24 April 2009 on human rights of Ashraf residents, to immediately remove the blockade of Ashraf, abandon the plan to displace them, acknowledge their legal rights as protected persons under the 4th Geneva Convention and to refrain from any action that would endanger their life or security, namely full access to food, water, medical care and supplies, fuel, family members and international humanitarian organizations.

Furthermore, noting that the Camp Ashraf is announced as a non military zone and considering the plots by the Iranian regime against its democratic opposition, the entry of the Iraqi armed guards to Ashraf must not be permitted since its peaceful residents have no weapons at all and have not made any threats aimed at anybody.

With high regards
Dr. Raj Baldev

The reply from the Present Obama briefly states :

Thank you for your message.  On behalf of President Obama, we appreciate hearing from you.  The President has promised the most transparent administration in history, and we’re committed to listening to and responding to you.

In order to better handle the millions of electronic messages we’re receiving and respond more quickly, we’ve implemented a new contact form on our website:



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