Riddle of Kuwaiti prisoners mass grave in Iraq

19 08 2009

Riddle of Kuwaiti prisoners mass grave in Iraq
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Diyala, 17 August (AKnews) – Reports over finding a mass grave of Kuwaiti prisoners in Ashraf camp of Mujaheden-e-Khalq (MEK) in Diyala province irked officials saying the news is a rumor came up by police.

Diyala councilors say no evidence noted as of yet to prove the discovery of the mass grave inside the camp.

Iraqi government and parliament refused the reports and depicted as rumors of Diyala police station.

Diyala police chief Abdul Hussein Shamari claimed the discovery of the mass grave inside Ashraf camp when the Iraqi police forces attacked the camp last month.

The Iraqi foreign ministry and the MEK organization denied the report, MEK spokesperson Abdul Rehman Mahabadi told AKnews.

He said the Iraqi interior ministry inspected the whole camp but found no grave and added that no one from human rights ministry visited the camp to investigate the report.

“News of a mass grave of the Kuwaiti prisoners inside Ashraf camp is not true but police propaganda,” member of Diyala council Zyad Ahmad.

The council asked police commander to visit together the camp but he said such a visit needs the approval of the council of ministers, therefore the visit did not happen, he added.

Diyala council met with Shamari who told councilors that they were informed of a mass grave but not proved yet, another councilor Nasrin Behjat said.

An Iraqi lawmaker stated that law enforcement forces made that report up to cover the attacks they conducted on the camp.

The Iraqi law enforcement forces attacked Ashraf camp on 28 July and killed 13 MEK members, wounded 500 and arrested 36 others.

Mujaheden-e Khalq was founded in 1965. They conducted many operations against Iran. They announced themselves as peaceful organization in 2001 and continued their path to overthrow Iran and found a secure and democratic country. Iran accused them for murdering Iranian civilians and senior officials, above all murdering Prime Minister in 1981.

MKO’s fate in Iraq left in the middle of staying or leaving after 2003. Then 600 members left Ashraf to an American one called TIPE and 400 others accepted the suggestion of Red Cross to return Iran.

To MKO members Ashraf camp is a symbol of democracy, but its name is one terror list by many countries. US, UK and EU removed MKO name from the list in June 2008.
According to the Iraqi politicians and media, the MEK supported the Iraqi former regime in suppressing Kurds and Shiites in the early 1990s.



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