Police allegedly obstacles release of PMOI members

30 08 2009

Police allegedly obstacles release of PMOI members

Diyala, 27August (AKnews) – Khalis court has ordered the release of the People’s Mujahedin Of Iran (PMOI) members, detained by the Iraqi police late last month; however the Iraqi police are against the process, a PMOI official said, while the Camp Ashraf residents have gone on food strike.
mujahid xalq ashraf
Camp Ashraf public relations member Abdurrahman Mahabadi said Wednesday that Khalis court discharged the 36 detained PMOI members on 24 August, Mahabadi said.

The Iraqi police forces are against the release of the detainees and have called for the Iraqi government authorities’ endorsement for the purpose, according to Mahabadi.

The residents of the Camp Ashraf have been on food strike for the last 28 days, and are determined to go on until the PMOI members will be set free and the Iraqi army and police forces leave Camp Ashraf for the US forces to shoulder security of the camp.

“By decree of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the release of the detainees has been barred and the provincial council will convene on the issue” member of the security committee in Diyala province, councilor Ziyad Ahmed said.mujahidin xalq camp ashraf,ashraf,ashrafe

On 28 July, hundreds of Iraqi police, army and special forces attacked the Camp Ashraf. According to the PMOI officials, 13 of their members were allegedly killed and 500 others injured, while 36 of them were detained who are now under custody in Khalis district.

Camp Ashraf or Ashraf City is situated northwest of Khalis town, 66 kilometers north of Baghdad. Camp Ashraf is currently an Iranian refugee camp in Iraq guarded by the United States military. Some 3500 PMOI members reside the camp. On January 1, 2009 its control was formally transferred to the Iraqi government.

The Camp was set up during the former regime of Iraq. After the fall of the former regime of Iraq, the US military disarmed the camp and took on the responsibility of protecting it which the Iraqi government has been attempting to evict it for several years.



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