Camp Ashraf massacre – why the Hell are we still in Iraq?

5 09 2009

Iraq Iranian Exiles

Camp Ashraf Massacre:

Who is to blame when humanity is only human on a sheet of paper?

“AP writes: “The exiles transformed Camp Ashraf into an oasis of well-kept gardens, water fountains and palm trees along marked-out streets, where the residents — including 900 women — live in barracks-like housing segregated by sex. Morsch, 58, of Bucyrus, Kan., recalls how American soldiers guarding the camp got to know the residents well, sharing meals and inviting each other to celebrations.“
So how do our troops stand by and watch this massacre? It’s ridiculous! We hand over security to the Iraqi police and as our own troops sit in armored vehicles, they observe Iranian women who have ” formed a human chain and men chanting,” as they are gunned down and run over by Iraqi forces – WHY? A PIECE OF PAPER ABSOLVES GUILT!
Apparently we can no longer engage in protecting a previously protected camp full of Iranians who were left alone under the Geneva Convention since 2004. Once we gave al-Maliki the thumbs up on taking over, these humans are a sub species. How can we further degrade ourselves as humans? We should have left! Our troops have nothing to do but watch slaughter? Then why are we still there I ask again? Our troops have no authority to do shit anymore – get them out – This is a farce – Obama, what are you waiting for? AND — hows this for an excuse:
“Iraq was trying to extend its sovereignty to Camp Ashraf. We understood what they were trying to do. They did not do it well,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters in Washington two weeks after the raid.” { KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer Kim Gamel
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