Three Camp Ashraf hostages are in critical state, fuel entry to Ashraf prevented

5 09 2009

Iranian opposition’s Camp Ashraf attacked – Statement 93

NCRI – On Thursday, health conditions of three members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, Messers Mehdi Zare, Moshfegh Kongi and Rahman Heydari, who are on their 38th day of hunger strike deteriorated. They are among the 36 PMOI members who have been taken hostage by Iraqi forces during late July attack on Camp Ashraf.

Mehdi Zare is suffering from eye sight defect and needs urgent CT scan. Moshfegh Kongi who is suffering from severe chest pains must be X-rayed immediately. Rahman Heydari collapsed when he tried to stand up and went unconscious. Although all three are in need of urgent medical attention and must be transferred to American forces’ hospital, the Iraqi government is refusing them.

Meanwhile, in the latest series of inhumane restrictions imposed on Camp Ashraf, the Iraqi forces have been preventing a fuel tanker from entering the Camp for the past two days. The residents of the Camp have paid for it. The Prime Minister’s Office has said that Ashraf does not need fuel. This is while the water pumping station and generators supplying electricity to the Camp and the water distribution system need fuel. Water and electricity is also used by the Iraqi forces stationed in and around Ashraf.

On the other hand, the Iraqi government continues to hold the 36 PMOI hostages by making ridiculous excuses such as illegal entry and not holding entry permits issued in the past 23 years. This is while they have already presented copies of their personal identity cards and special IDs of “Protected Person under the Fourth Geneva Convention” issued by the American forces five years ago to the court.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 4, 2009



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