Camp Ashraf hostages transferred to Iraq Prime Ministry special prison

5 10 2009

Monday, 05 October 2009
The headquarters for Iraq’s Prime Ministry’s operational body, headquarters for Hezb al-Da’ava Party (led by Nouri al-Maliki), headquarters for Army’s intelligence and center for Baghdad operation which commands police and army forces are all based in this airport.

According to Iranian regime’s official news agency IRNA, Ali Larijani, speaker of mullahs’ parliament on October 1 said: “Iran have always supported Iraq in promotion of democracy.” He added: “We hope that the close cooperation between Iran and Iraq will lead to the expulsion of terrorist groups such as the hypocrites (term used by the regime for the PMOI) from the region.”

According to our information, Kazemi Qomi, a commander of the Quds terrorist force in Iraq and the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Baghdad, reported to Tehran that the transfer of 36 Ashraf residents to a new location was reassuring and added: “The Prime Minister’s office has it own special judges in Karkh and Rasafeh courts to try those arrested under the orders of this office. If they want to refer a case to the Central Criminal Court of Karkh, the person is interrogation first and then referred to a trusted judge of their own to deal with him accordingly…”

According to Kazemi Qomi’s instructions to interrogators, the PMOI members in detention must answer questions such as, “Since 1981, in what operations against the Islamic Republic were they involved in Iran and during their stay in Iraq and how they were planning in Ashraf Garrison to attack and kill Iraqi forces who entered the garrison two months ago.”

Following three verdicts by the judge and explicit remarks by the Iraqi Prosecutor General and official reply by the Country’s Judiciary as to the release of the 36 detainees on the grounds of the legality of their stay in Iraq and their total innocence, there are no excuses for the continuation of their unlawful detention.
The officials in the Prime Minister’s office in a preposterous state decree are claiming that the Interior Ministry has the right to detain any foreigner for a period of 15 days.

This invalid legal reasoning is reminiscent of anarchy in the new Iraq. It is notable that Iraq’s Interior Ministry had so far kept silence on this issue and been claiming that they had absolutely no involvement in the case of these 36 people.

The officials at the Prime Minister’s office are also claiming that transfer of the 36 to a private prison in Mosana Airport has been done in agreement with the U.S. Embassy, whereas the U.S. officials are saying that the Iraqi government has informed them and the UN that the 36 hostages have been released and are no longer considered as detainees.

As it has been mentioned in Statement No. 101 of this Secretariat, the Iranian Resistance believes that “the aim of their violent transfer is to kill them and the Iraqi Government is directly responsible for it,” as they are on their 69th day of hunger strike since their abduction and have refusing to take liquid for the past 4 day.

The Iranian Resistance considers today’s violent displacement as an act to pave the way to annihilate the 36 hostages purposefully. They should immediately be returned to Ashraf, otherwise the Iraqi Government is responsible for their deaths.

Around 19:00 local time on Sunday the Associated Press reported that “An official in the office of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki” said that “Iraq is looking for a country to accept 36 detained members of an Iranian opposition group.” “The official said the detainees would not be sent to Iran, where they would likely face arrest, but Iraq is seeking to send them to a third country. The official gave no other details or specific timetable,” the report added.

If the statements made by the official at Iraq’s Prime Ministry are not part of a propaganda maneuvering for the purpose of killing time and shirking government’s indisputable responsibilities, the Iranian Resistance welcomes their immediate transfer to the United States or any European Union member states. In 2004, the American Forces pledged to protect Ashraf residents until final determination of their status in return for their disarmaments.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 4, 2009



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