Iranian regime: PMOI in Iraq are in our custody through an intermediary

5 10 2009

Mullahs’ Intelligence Ministry: Mojahedin through an intermediary are indirectly in our custody

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In contrast to an order by Iraqi Prosecutor General to all police stations that the 36 PMOI hostages must be freed immediately, the mullahs’ Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as the Iraqi Government’s godfather declares “The Iraqi Government plans to send documents and the cases concerning the offenses of these [36 abducted] people to the court in this country”

NCRI – Hours after the bloody and violent transfer of 36 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) to prison cells of the New Iraq’s Intelligence, a website known for its close link to mullahs’ notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) reported: “Detention of the Mojahedin in Iraq has become ‘a better option than expulsion from Iraq.’ That is to say that they are indirectly, through an intermediary, in the custody of Iran.”

Echoing the regime’s fear of the Iranian Resistance’s role and influence of the PMOI on the nationwide uprising to overthrow the clerical regime and distraught by the PMOI’s obstruction to its export of terrorism and fundamentalism to Iraq in the run up to the elections in that country, the report added: “By considering all aspects of this matter, especially the fact that other countries’ refusal to accept the Mojahedin is acting as an obstacle to their expulsion, the Iraqi Government is preparing for their transfer to other camps. This move can be a major step toward containing the Mojahedin’s terrorist threats on one hand and preventing them from interfering in Iraqi internal affairs on the other.”

The IRGC, acting as the Iraqi Government’s godfather, in its news agency (Fars News Agency), quoted “an informed Iraqi source,” on the “offences of the 36 detained members of the hypocrites (the term used by the Iranian regime to refer to the PMOI)” as saying that: “The Iraqi government intends to present documents to the court on the crimes they have committed… Recently, some news was distributed concerning a ruling by an Iraqi judge on their release. The 36 members of hypocrites were detained by the Iraqi police based on article 431 on the charges of inciting violence and chaos during the late July incidents in Camp Ashraf.” Of course it is evident that the “informed Iraqi source” is no one except a member of the terrorist Quds Force.

On Thursday, Iranian regime’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani “expressed hope that the close cooperation between Iran and Iraq will lead to the expulsion of terrorist groups such as the hypocrites from the region.”

The instructions and directives by IRGC, MOIS and mullahs’ Parliament Speaker have been given to the Iraqi Government at a time when a court in the city of Khalis and Iraq’s Prosecutor General have declared that the continuation of detention of the 36 is illegal and the order for their release has been given to all police stations. Also, a group of members of Iraqi parliament, in a statement said that: “The prevention of the judge’s decision from being implemented is an arbitrary action, a violation of law, a clear violation of individual rights of citizens, an obvious insult to the sanctity and justice; therefore it is punishable by law.”
Following the decisions by an Iraqi court and pursuing orders by Iraq’s Prosecutor General and the said Parliamentary positions, the hostages had to be transferred to prison cells of the New Iraq’s Intelligence as there were no more pretexts to hold them. In these circumstances, one wonders who reality is in charge of Iraq. This reminds of yesterday’s warning of the International Committee of Lawyers in Defense of Ashraf stressing that the American Forces and American Taxpayer’s money have not to Iraq to help expanding Iranian regime’s influence and cloning this regime in Iraq.”

Legally it is irrelevant to term the 36 as detainees or prisoners. To be more accurate, they are the subject of “Enforced or involuntary disappearances” or, are “hostages.” This constitutes a crime against humanity particularly when it is committed against Protected Persons.

The frantic directives handed down by the MOIS, IRGC and the mullahs’ parliament speaker plainly demonstrates the so called “bilateral agreement” between Khamenei on one side and the Iraqi Government on the other side on February 28 that the PMOI members in Ashraf and the hostages are paying for the price of the current Iranian uprising. This comes in the midst of their 37th day of hunger strike. It is also clear that at the same time it is the heavy price they are paying for their role as the bulwark stopping the spread of religious fundamentalism and terrorism to Iraq.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 2, 2009



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