Ashraf cemetery occupied and destroyed

12 04 2011

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No37

Iraqi forces prevent residents from visiting the graves of loved ones.

NCRI – On the third day of their criminal attack on Ashraf, Maliki-led forces are engaged in robbing and plundering the possessions of the residents and are preventing the residents from returning to the occupied areas.


In an inhumane and un-Islamic act, the Iraqi forces have occupied and destroyed parts of the “Pearl Cemetery” belonging to Ashraf residents, preventing them from burying their dead and visiting their loved ones as they have done during the past 20 years.

Measures taken by the Iraqi forces against camp residents under the order of Maliki , ranging from entry to civilian areas using armored personnel carrier vehicles,  firing on civilian population using machine guns and cannons, killing unarmed residents, prevented medical services from reaching  the injured, occupation and destruction of cemetery, looting their property and assets, and cutting off of water pumps …. Are all examples of war crimes and are considered crimes against humanity, for which Maliki and and his accomplices should be tried and punished.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
10 April, 2011



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