Maliki intends to push the wounded towards gradual death

12 04 2011

Ashraf military occupation – No. 44

NCRI – Sunday night,   April 10, 32 injured residents who were admitted to the hospital in Baquba, were returned to Camp Ashraf with the least of the medical care given to them while at captivity.

The injured generally needed surgery or had a critical medical condition for which they were taken to Baquba hospital.

Abraham Mohammadian   was one of the wounded residents who should have been operated on, Saturday morning. His operation was postponed to Sunday. On Sunday morning in preparation for the operation he was given a unit of blood, but no further action was taken; later he was returned to Camp Ashraf.

Isa Akbarzadeh another one of the injured residents who was admitted to Baquba by a medical doctor, was returned to Ashraf after less than a quarter of an hour without any medical care.

Maryam Islami, Javad Rabiee, Payame Noori, Ali Madad Sadeghi, Mohammad Mashayekhi, M. Parviz Mansoor Congreh and the other wounded residents who had all been shot were returned without any medical treatment to Camp Ashraf.

Saba Haft Baradaran who was shot and in critical condition, should have been sent to the hospital in Baghdad but the new Iraqi hospital director Omar Khalid after several hours of delay had sent her to Baquba, after much delay she was transported to the Baghdad Hospital. Saba who was in desperate need of blood transfusion died because of intentional delays.

Eight more of the wounded that were referred to the new Iraq Hospital were discharged by Omar Khalid without addressing their injuries. He even refused to take the wounded to the emergency room of the hospital and examined them in the corridor. All eight injured residents were told they do not need any treatment.
Iraqi forces have denied the delivery of body’s of 6 of the martyrs, Hossein Ahmadi, Majid Badyan, Saba Haft Baradaran, Hassan Avani, Morteza Beheshti and Alireza Taherlo in Baquba and Baghdad hospitals. Authorities refused to return the bodies to their families.

Another reason in returning the wounded is that physicians, medical personnel and people in Baghdad and Baquba hospitals would not be exposed to the aspects and extent of the Maliki’s crimes.

On April 9th Ali Ghidan’s commander of Iraqi ground forces, and the killer of the residents,   in a propaganda campaign said that only three people in Ashraf were killed and 24 people others were wounded. He added that the hospital personnel had transferred most of them to Baquba hospital because they had minor injuries; most will be released today and possibly only 10 people will remain in the hospital.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 2011



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