Timeline of Attack on Ashraf

  • – On April 2, 2001, at midnight, the suppressive Iraqi forces entered Camp Ashraf with at-least 30 armored vehicles, including Humvees and BMP-1 armored personnel carriers. They took positions in northern part of the camp. Based on specific information obtained from inside the Iranian regime, the Iranian Resistance declared that Nouri al-Maliki plans for a new round of killings in Camp Ashraf on the demands from Ali Khamenei, Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader.
  • – Several days prior to the assault on Ashraf, in numerous letters to American and European officials and the United Nations, as well as press releases, Ashraf residents and the National Council of Resistance of Iran warned about an imminent massacre of the camp residents. Unfortunately, none of them paid any attention to the threat.
  • – On Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 36 hours prior to the catastrophe, as the representatives of UNAMI entered Ashraf, the residents once again warned them that an attack on the residents is close, but again there was no action taken.  Ashraf residents urged them to strengthen their presence in the camp.
  • – On Thursday 7 April, after the U.S. Defense Secretary Gates met with Nouri al-Maliki, while it was expected that U.S. forces reinforce their positions in Ashraf, surprisingly the limited U.S. forces that had a presence in the camp since April 3, left the camp in the afternoon of 7 April, 2011.
  • – Immediately after al-Maliki’s meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary, some 1500 suppressive Iraqi forces entered Camp Ashraf between noon to late night on Thursday, raising the number of total forces to 2,500. By Iraqi standards, the speed for such deployment is remarkable.
  • – On the same day, in several letters to President Obama, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations’ Secretary General,Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran warned about the imminent crime to be carried out in Camp Ashraf. But did not have any results.
  • – At 4:45 am (local time) of 8 April, 2011, eight battalions of Iraqi Army’s Ninth and Fifth Divisions began the attack on the defenseless resident. The massive firings using armored vehicles’ heavy machineguns and snipers continued for six hours in various parts of Camp Ashraf. In short period, a number of residents were killed.The Iraqi forces have occupied more than one third of Camp Ashraf.  Eyewitnesses have reported the presence of a number of Farsi speaking individuals among the attackers.
  • – On April 8, in the afternoon, the total number of Ashraf residents killed during the attack reached 33. Ten of them had died from the critical injuries they had received during the attack.
  • – Over 300 residents are injured with a number of them in very critical condition. Since the early hours on Friday, the Iranian Resistance repeatedly called on U.S. to evacuate the wounded. But until the midnight on Friday no actions had been taken in this regard and more lives are at risk.
  • – At present, the attacking forces are still in Camp Ashraf and the possibility of another attack and killing of residents looms. Some 1,500 of the suppressive forces are stationed inside the camp while some 1,000 are outside the camp.  Some fifty armored vehicles are inside the camp and equal number is outside.
  • – Based on the instructions by their commands, the Iraqi forces loot properties and assets of the Ashraf residents while destroying anything that they are unable to takeaway.
  • – The Iraqi forces have prevented the UNAMI monitoring team entry to the camp. Mr. Tahar Boumedra, the assistant on Camp Ashraf issues to Mr. Ad Melkert, the Special Reprehensive of the United Nations’ Secretary General in Iraq, has been trying to enter the Camp since Thursday morning but he is denied entry by the Iraqi forces.


  • – A number of journalists have gone to Ashraf, but the Iraqi forces have prevented them from entering Ashraf.
  • – At least 178 residents have gunshot wounds and are in serious conditions; 28 are in critical condition and were transferred to a hospital in Baquba; 18 residents, who have been wounded, remain in Iraqi custody.
  • – The Iranian regime praised the Iraqi officials for launching a deadly raid on Camp Ashraf. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told a Tehran press conference Saturday the Iraqi army was right to storm Camp Ashraf. And the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps urged Iraqi to finish the job and destroy Camp Ashraf altogether, “otherwise the attack would backfire on Iraq.”
  • – Despite appeals by the residents, the United States military has refused to transfer any of the wounded to the US Army hospital in Balad.
  • Urgent demands:
  1. As a strong possibility for another attack and bloodbath looms and the suppressive forces continue to be present in the camp, it is of utmost urgency that American Forces, who were present in the camp hours before the catastrophe, return to Camp Ashraf to prevent another attack on the residents
  2. A UNAMI monitoring team to be permanently stationed in Camp Ashraf.
  3. A number of those injured are in critical condition. Their evacuation to the American Army hospital in the nearby town of Balad must be undertaken immediately.

More Infos: www.ncr-iran.org

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